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About Integrated Imaging Solutions

IIS Konica Minolta was founded at the beginning of 2005, with the vision of creating a company that truly delivers upon its promises.

IIS believes that we can offer our customers more and better value for money than any of our competitors not because we are arrogant, but because we truly desire and strive to do exactly that.

Because we are passionate about being and becoming the benchmark in offering value to our customers we are constantly growing and improving our level of service.

Our vision is not to become the biggest or largest supplier of Office Automation Products and Services, but rather to be the preferred supplier to those seeking a more personalized service and valued based solutions.

We believe in fair, ethical, and honest business negotiations and resolutions. We believe that it is our prerogative to at all times be able to deliver value to clients, and in doing so ensure our future existence.

Our end goal is not predominantly focused on the bottom line, but rather creating a company with values that improves the lives our employees, and our customers and at all times to negotiate towards mutually beneficial business relationships.


  • To respond to service calls within 2-6 hours, and will pay penalty fees upon failure to do.

  • To keep our machine’s running successfully for the term of the agreement or we will replace the machine with a similar machine at our cost if we can’t. (within spec and life expectancy of machine)

  • To courteous and helpful to our clients at all times.

  • To always present value for money proposals to our clients.


We are serious about keeping our promises

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