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Print Management

Centralized control for managing and optimizing print workflows and enhancing your Managed Print Services (MPS). Supports your print governance requirements for security, mobility, sustainability and cost efficiency to better meet your managed print services (MPS) program.

Significantly Reduce Costs

Optimize your print environment and create print policies that reduce costs.

Increase Document Security

Authenticate to print eliminating sensitive documents in the output tray.

Fact Based Print Audit

Track and analyze by user, departments or locations and audit for security leaks to understand overall usage trends.

Pull-Printing From Any Print Device

Print without print drivers or IT assistance from any print device in the company’s environment.

Ysoft Safeq Print Management Suites Datasheet

YSoft SafeQ Print Management Suite and Print Management Suite LD (Limited Devices) offer centralized enterprise print management to reduce costs, increase document security and improve workflow productivity

      Ysoft Print Management Suite

Ysoft Safeq Enterprise Suite Datasheet

With YSoft SafeQ Enterprise Print Management software, organizations have the tools needed to make fact-based decisions about their print environment to reduce print, copy and scan costs up to 30%, increase document security and improve productivity.

      Ysoft Enterprise Suite

Ysoft Safeq Complementary Solution Datasheet

The YSoft SafeQ Suites can be utilized with optional and complementary hardware solutions. Y Soft designs, manufacturers and quality tests each hardware solution with YSoft SafeQ software. With a fully turnkey solution, organizations can be assured both hardware and software operate well together instead of building a solution from disparate systems and vendors.


Ysoft Safeq Print Management Features and Modules

Print Authentication

Assigns access rights and workflows to ensure secure access to devices. Enforces user identification.


Fact-based audit of print, copy and scan usage. Pre-defined reports or custom reports. Green reports supply sustainability initiative data.

Rule-Based Engine

Pre-defined library of common print governance rules such as forced BW printing, single page to double-sided page.

Mobile Print

Supports BYOD initiatives, secure mobile printing and secure guest printing.

Core Workflows

Accurate document capture with secure workflow to Microsoft SharePoint, Dropbox Business, Dropbox Enterprise, authorized email address or networked folder.

Credit & Billing

Supports pay-for-services, page quotas and accurate billing by individuals, groups or billing/project codes.

Print Roaming

Secure, pull-printing from any printer in the print environment with only one print driver. Scalable from one office to multiple offices globally.

Client Based Print Roaming

CBPR architecture designed to use fewer servers to save on infrastructure costs.

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